13 Apr 2012

Yokotekan is full of the Taisho romance

- The feature of the Yokotekan

The Yokotekan is located in the upper one slippage on the left-hand side of "the town of stone steps."
One of the long-established Japanese hotels with a hot spring in Ikaho
The breath of the Taisho era romance is felt from the main building of 4 stories of the total cypress structure built in Taisho 9 [A.D. 1920].

Ikaho / Ikoma_photo

- Directly from the hot spring source of "Koganenoyu [golden hot water]"
"Koganenoyu" is carrying out inner hot water, the charter family bath which exists three, and reboiling [ which are adding neither of directly from the hot spring source and water at the fountainhead ].

- Access by a privately-owned car
Going is directly deposited before the door of a hotel and the key of a car is deposited in vehicles charge by car.
Vehicles charge moves to an exclusive parking lot.

伊香保 (2)
伊香保 (2) / machu.

  • Telephone:
  • accommodation-charges:
    12,750 yen - 20,100 yen
  • number of rooms:
  • Fountainhead:
    Koganenoyu [Golden hot water]
  • Address:
    11, Ikaho, Ikahomachi, Shibukawa City, Gumma Prefecture Japan (a near stone-steps town) 

- Equipment
A charter bath / beauty salon / banquet hall / conference room / barrier-free / room foods / credit card

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