6 Feb 2013

What is Mizusawa udon noodles

水沢うどん mizusawaudon 山一屋

Mizusawa Japanese noodles[udon] are one of the three major Japanese noodles representing Japan.
The place where the Mizusawa Japanese noodles are eaten is near Ikaho.

mizusawakannon rokkakudo2
@Mizusawa Temple

The features of these noodles are very strong texture and the merit over a throat.
There are some persons who express resembling the texture of the fresh slices of a cuttlefish.Mizusawa noodles are made only of flour, salt, and water, and it is the feature to use no other additives. 


In the "Mizusawa noodles kaido[highway]" which will exist by the time it reaches from the Shibukawa/Ikaho interchange the street in Ikaho, 13 stores of Mizusawa noodles stand in a row.

Osawaya, Tamaruya, Shimizuya, Matsushimaya, etc. are collecting popularity especially.

手の椅子 岡本太郎作
@Osawaya,Taro Okamoto's object / Hand shapes chair

Moreover, although it is not Mizusawa noodles, honey noodles of "Yamaichiya" with the very similar texture are also one of the popular stores.
I would like to introduce Yamaichiya with a report later.

Access to Ikaho/Mizusawa MAP
There is a bus to Ikaho Onsen via Mizusawa from Takasaki Station at the West Exit. Please be aware that the bus is running only twice or three times a day.

Approximately 30 minutes (12km) from Shibukawa/Ikaho IC

Mizusawa Shuttle Bus
There is a shuttle bus from Ikaho to Mizusawa. The fare is 100 yen for one-way. (Elementary school students: 50 yen, Pre-school children: free) For more information, visit here.

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