12 Apr 2012


The tempura set of the wheat noodles served on a bamboo tray of the Osawaya, and the maitake mushrooms of a noted product.
水沢うどん 大澤屋
水沢うどん 大澤屋 / yoppy

There is a Taro Okamoto work "chair of a hand" in the inside of a shop of the Osawaya.
大澤屋 / yoppy

The Osawaya which is proud of the maximum scale also in the store which offers Mizusawa Japanese noodles.
The store has the first store and the second store.

In the first store, much pictures other than the object of Taro Okamoto's work of art "chair a hand's", etc. are exhibited, and inside of a shop serves as a place which can come into contact with an art freely.

Mizusawa Japanese noodles often seen in souvenir stores, such as a rest area, are a product of the Osawaya in many cases, and correspond also to the mail order on the Internet, and it can obtain them at many EC sites.

- Menu and a price
  • Wheat noodles served on a bamboo tray -- 735 yen 
  • Large wheat noodles served on a bamboo tray with one wild grass -- 1,050 yen 
  • Wheat noodles served on a bamboo tray with maitake-mushrooms tempura -- 1,260 yen

    In addition, are various. 

- Osawaya The first store
  • Address:
    125-1, Mizusawa, Ikahomachi, Shibukawa-City, Gunma-Prefecture, Japan 
  • Business hours:
  • Fixed holiday:
    The 1st-3rd Thursdays [those with change]
  • Telephone:
  • The number of seats:
    300 seat / whole building prohibition of smoking

- Osawaya The second store
  • Address:
    198, Mizusawa, Ikahomachi, Shibukawa-City, Gunma-Prefecture, Japan
  • Business hours:
    8:30-17:00 [it is extended business before a holiday]
  • Fixed holiday:
    The 1st-3rd Wednesdays [those with change]
  • Telephone:
  • Smoking and those with a nonsmoking seat / those with two single rooms

Feature of Mizusawa's noodles/udon noodles

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