15 Feb 2013

What is Japanese onsen manju cake [Yunohana manju]

Shop of Ikaho
Shop of Ikaho / simanex

The package of Seihoutei

Brown thin layers are steamed filled dumplings of Seihoutei of the feature.

Red beans paste which stopped sweetness is very delicious.
You should also surely become a fan of onsen-manju.

It is well known that Ikaho Hot Spring is the birthplace of Japanese onsen manju cake.
That the color of common Japanese onsen manju cake is brown, the brown of the hot water of Ikaho Onsen is the origin.
Probably, there are also many people who do not know this origin.

・What is Japanese onsen manju cake
Onsen manju is the Japanese sweets which wrapped and steamed ingredients, such as red bean paste of an azuki bean, by the brown cloth which kneaded and made flour etc. 

It is also called an alias "Yunohana manju".

The beginning of Japanese onsen manju cake goes back even to 1910.
When Mr. Katsuzo Handa of the Ikaho Shougetsudo which was training in Fugetsudo of Tokyo comes home, it begins from a local old man to have been requested saying "I want you to make some new noted products."
 Brown hot water carried out the color image, and it made these steamed filled dumplings using brown sugar.  

 Many stores of long-established manju store, such as not only Shougetsudo but the Tanakaya, Seihoutei, etc., are performed in this onsen resort.
It is so delicious that every onsen-manju are difficult to rank.

I would like to report gradually about the feature and taste of each onsen-manju. 

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