13 Apr 2012

Ikaho Green Bokujo

- Ikaho Green pasture
The pasture theme park which spreads on the ground with the abundant green of the Haruna Mt. foot.
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The Hara Museum arc which is an annex of the contemporary art hall Hara Museum in Tokyo Shinagawa adjoins.
The admission ticket of the art museum and a pasture is sold by a set except the long holiday season in May, and winter.
The circumference of a pasture serves as an animal and peculiar space which can enjoy nature and an art.
 The admission fee discount ticket is also published.
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- The contents of the attraction
Experience attractions, such as the milking classroom of a cow, the walk of a rabbit, horse riding, feeding, and making original butter.
Inspection of events, such as a sheep dog show, and a farm plant, etc. can be performed.
Since the institution which people can play with a dog is also located at this place, it is also possible to pass one day with a pet dog here.
However, except a large-sized dog.
Sheep (Ikaho Green Bokujo)
Sheep (Ikaho Green Bokujo) / nhayashida

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- Spatial relationship
This pasture is located in front right-hand side from Ikaho Hot Spring, seeing from the direction of Shibukawa.
When going from the direction of Mizusawa, it is on the left-hand side which followed the end [3-way junction in front of a visitor center] of the Ikaho Hot Spring this side to the right, and crossed the Ikaho country club.

ヤギ / nhayashida

  • Address:
    2844-1, Kanai, Shibukawa City, Gumma Prefecture, Japan 
  • Access [car]:
    The direction about 15 minutes of Ikaho Hot Spring from the Shibukawa interchange 
  • Access [buss]:
    It is 15 minutes [alighting in front of the Green Bokujo] by the one for Ikaho Hot Spring from Shibukawa Station.

伊香保のグリーン牧場 / karinckarinc

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- A charge/business hours, etc.
Admission and Operating Hours | IKAHO GREEN BOKUJO[English]

- Admission-free campaign
Up to the end of December, 2012 -- Hotel Kogure, Kishigon ryokan, Moriaki ryokan, Fukuichi, Kokuya, Hotel Kimura, Kounkan, Hotel Todoroki, Hotel Matsumoto, Oyado Tamaki,  and Eisenkaku -- when it applies to each Ikaho Hot Spring hotel front, you get one group to publish an one-sheet admission ticket.
When dropping in before check-in, you will put connection of a check into each lodging. 

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