9 Apr 2012

Mizusawa Kannon temple

The temple of the No. 16 amulet-issuing office of the Bando 33 Kannon is the Mizusawa Kannon temple.

84 stone steps of the precincts-of-a-temple back besides Rokkaku-do located with Hondo in this side were reached and also and there is a guardian deity "Iidunadaigongen"

In Shaka-do, Buddha statues and Buddhist paintings, such as the Gautama Buddha Buddhist triads, can be seen for free.

Mizusawa Temple 水澤寺
Mizusawa Temple 水澤寺 / urawa

If New Year's Eve and the New Year come, many visitors will visit, and the precincts of a temple show serious prosperity.

水澤観音 六角堂 Mizusawakannon Rokkakudo
水澤観音 六角堂 Mizusawakannon Rokkakudo/ gunmernohito

After spending the time from which the heart is washed clean calm with the Mizusawa Kannon, it is not bad to visit and eat the store of nearby Mizusawa Japanese noodles with great relish, either.

水沢うどん 大澤屋
水沢うどん 大澤屋 / yoppy

- Mizusawa kannnon(Mizusawa temple)
  • Address:
    Postcode377-0103 Mizusawa214,Ikahomachi,Shibukawa City, Gumma Prefecture,Japan
  • Tel:
  • Worship time:
    8:00 to 17:00 
  • Fixed holiday:
  • Admission fee:
    No charge
  • parking lot:
    -- Large-sized -- 30 set/-- usually -- 400 sets/Motorbike -- unrestricted

- Buss
  1. Take Gumma Buss "Ikaho Hot Spring line" from JR Takasaki Station.
    It gets down "Mizusawa Kannon mae."
    (Gumma Buss timetable  * notes timetable notation "Mizusawa") 
  2. Take Kan-etsu traffic Buss from JR Shibukawa Station.
    It gets down "Mizusawa entrance visiter center mae."
    The Gumma Buss bound for"the Takasaki Station" entrainment
    It gets down "in front of the Mizusawa Kannon."
    (Kan-etsu traffic timetable  * notes timetable notation "Mizusawa")
- Car
 About 30 minutes after Shibukawa Ikaho IC (about 12 km)

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