9 Apr 2012

The symbol of Ikaho "Ishidangai"[stone-steps town]

Why are there 365 stone steps?

365 steps of stone steps which are the symbols of Ikaho Hot Spring are loaded with the wish of prosperity of "Coming to want a hot spring resort to be prosperous for 365 days per year"

The stone steps in Ikaho.
In fact, several years ago became 365 steps, and it was difficult to carry out the check by viewing by car before from the jomosanzan panorama highway which is a main street.
However, it is reputation as the place became intelligible by the number of stages having been extended.

The Roka Tokutomi commemoration literary hall located near foot and Akiko Yosano's song minced by stone steps are heaping-up-emotion of hot-springs resort guarantee.

- The circumference institution of a stone-steps town
The Ikaho shrine is on the top of stone steps, a barrier is located at the foot, and, right and left, a rifle range, a mom-and-pop candy store, etc. of a retro atmosphere stand side by side.

Bug Spray / the_toe_stubber

It seems that an old good time still drifts from the rows of houses although the present stone steps are repaired over five years from 1980.
in addition, a restaurant, a tea stall, a souvenir shop, a sweet bean bun shop, a liquor store, and a footbath -- it drops in, and hot water etc. are crowdedly located in a line, and are always full of vigor as the main street in Ikaho.

- "Small frontage" which signs that hot water is divided can observe
The hotel around stone steps has many long-established hotels also in Ikaho.
From the "Koganenoyu" fountainhead No. 2 in the site of the Ikaho Hot Spring open-air bath, a hot spring of 1,443 liters/m (1.4t) gushes, and it is distributed to a stone-steps town or each hotel around a Hototogisu station.

The appearance divided by being transmitted can observe the pipe of the tree of the chestnut called "Yutoi" from the small frontage which is around stone steps in large numbers.

The small frontage located in the center of stone steps.
If it looks in --

It turns out that the water-white and fresh hot water before oxidizing is flowing with sufficient vigor.

- Broadcast live every day.

タイトルなし / nhayashida

At Shibukawa City's site, the situation of a stone-steps town can be observed in the flesh.
Shibukawa / Ikaho stone-steps town hot spring live camera
It is also good to observe the event performed for every season, and good also for carrying out inspection before a travel exactly.
It may also be good to leave beyond recollection.

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