9 Apr 2012

Ikaho Rotenburo [open-air bath]

The public open-air bath which springs to Yumoto.
Bathing of the fresh 100% fountainhead free-flowing hot-spring water of "Koganenoyu" can be enjoyed.
The circular bathtub is divided into the half and divided into hotter hot water and more tepid hot water.
To those who want to take a long bath, it is best.


The fountainhead gush mouth in the site of an open-air bath

Since the towel containing the logo of the "Ikaho Hot Spring open-air bath" is sold, it may be good for a souvenir.
In addition, since there is no washing place, a shampoo is impossible.

- Access, a parking lot, etc.
This open-air bath reaches stone steps from the Ikaho bus terminal, and is located on foot at the point for about 30 minutes.
since -- it is also one method to use the town bus [hot spring resort round type omnibus taxi] of 100 yen around which it operates about two in 1 hour.
A parking lot is the closest to a Kajika bridge parking lot [24-hour no charge].
Sightseeing spots which "Kajika bridge", and a hot spring can drink, such as a place and the Hashimoto hotel, are near the open-air bath.

  • Address: 581, Yumoto, Ikaho, Ikahomachi, Shibukawa City,Gunma Prefecture,Japan
  • Telephone:
  • Access [car]:
    It is 25 minutes from Kan-etsu Shibukawa Ikaho IC to R17, prefectural road 33 course, and Haruna and the direction of Ikaho. 
  • Nearby parking lot:
    Kajika bridge parking lots are 24-hour free [20-set and uninhabited]
  • business hours:
  • Charge:
    450 yen 
  • Fixed holiday:
    The 1st-3rd Thursdays

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