20 Oct 2015

Climbing record of Mt.Mizusawa(Mizusawayama)

View from Mt.Mizusawa 
View from Mt.Mizusawa

The Mt.Mizusawa(Mizusawayama) ...
It is a 1194 m mountain in Mizusawa Shibukawa ikaho Gunma Prefecture, Japan.
Trailhead is a route to climb from the precincts of the Temple Mizusawa(Mizusawa Kannon temple), there two kinds of routes that climb from Ikaho Forest Park area.
This time, try to introduce the route from Mizusawa Kannonji that can climbed I also.
Elevation of Mizusawayama is 1194m.
The time required for the mountain , climbing two hours , down is one and a half hours , takes about three and a half hours In total .
If started climbing at 10 before the morning , to 13:30 , it is possible to eat the noodles Mizusawa .
And fun to go to Ikaho Onsen on the way back of climbing .

 Time table (3 hours 27 minutes)

    10:10 trailhead (Mizusawa Kannon, stone steps)
    10:16 Manyo monument, Manyo plant Garden
    10:21 bear haunt attention signboard
    10:40 break space
    10:46 rest stone
    11:33 Higashikata stone statue group
    11: 40-45 old friend and stand talking
    11:50 to 12:10 summit
    12:24 Higashikata stone statue group
    13:12 break space
    13:30 Manyo monument, Manyo plant Garden
    13:37 trailhead (Mizusawa Kannon, stone steps)
    13:45 Mizusawa Udon Tamaru-ya

Admission start time of Mizusawatera from 8:00 . But the figure of worshipers was sparse . People shop and vegetables selling was also laid-back mood .

Mizusawa Temple beside the trailhead .
From here because until the summit of 4km, 120 minutes , feel free to climb .

The exits from the precincts of the temple , climbing starting from steep stone steps to climb to Iizuna Daigongen .

Iizuna Daigongen.
Mountain climbers often pray the safety of climbing in this place .
I have had to pass through here because there was no time to spare , time of return was reported to fit the hand that it was possible to safely descent .

Arbor . If families are staying here you might want to also enjoy a picnic .

Manyo monument . This side whole area seems to have been called the Mayo plant it.

Signpost is in the forest road was in some places .
Since getting a little hot in this area it was closed a rainwear that was wearing on top of the windbreaker in the backpack .

Signboard of " bear infested Caution" stood with signpost of the trailhead .

Little break space .
1.35km from this point to the summit .
I did not yet only about half climbed , already had been quite out of breath .

Rest stone
Summit until still after 1km.
Take off the windbreaker because the body has been sufficiently warmed up , it becomes one long-sleeved T-shirt .

While inspiring the father of tired , we arrived in front of the Higashikata stone statue .

Perhaps 11:00 40-45 minutes around , in the middle of the road there is no signpost , we were reunited by chance and fellow old friend .
First, to laugh with each other pointed to the face to each other , flowers bloomed on the stand talking .
And now in Tokyo , we will talk to sit slowly , call incidentally also a mutual friend . It was farewell promises and so on.

We arrived at the summit before noon .
The summit there was a mountain seat Pelorus . It's obvious where what mountain is within this Pelorus thanks .
I meet with my father that was the way to leave . He said he saw one animal antelope at close range .
Since the antelope does not move for a while even if there is eye , it seems to have each other staring at about two or three minutes and also serves as a break .

From Mizusawayama summit . Komochiyama in front , in the back Hotakayama , Mount Hiuchigatake , Shibutsusan .
Right back to Shirane sunlight .

We arrived at the stone steps of the starting point .

I was finally able to eat the Mizusawa udon " Tamaru-ya " in 13:45 .
The goal was 13:30 , but it would be nice to say that almost be achieved .
Always “Normal Zaru-udon and tempura three-point set" Although he become satiety in , this day was unsatisfactory .
After climbing should be in the large serving .

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