9 Apr 2012

Oyado Tamaki

  • Telephone:
  • Accommodation charges:
    16,800 Yen - 39,900 Yen
  • The number of rooms:  22
  • Fountainhead:
  • Address:
    87-2, Ikahomachi, Shibukawa City, Gumma Prefecture, Japan
    [Near by Ishidangai]


open-air bath / banquet hall / bedrock bath / beauty salon / A guest room with an open-air bath / charter bath / conference room / room foods / credit card /stay without a meal/ day's trip /Ikaho green pasture admission ticket free distribution

- The feature of a hotel 
The institution to which equipment of a bedrock bath, esthetic, etc. was substantial.
There is a prejudice to an aroma or a scent, such as burning a scent outside the front door.
This hotel has the track record taken up by media repeatedly.

The guest room "Kaede" [one-night 22,050 yen-] where the Shigaraki-yaki bath was attached.

The guest room where the hinoki bath was attached "Hourai" [one-night 21,000 yen-]

- About a bath
The two fountainhead is used.
"Koganeno-yu[Golden hot water]" applied the fountainhead and is carrying out it.
"Shiroganeno-yu[Hot water of silvery snow]" is adding water by the circle method, and is changing it to day by day 5.
Both are sterilized by chlorine.

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