9 Apr 2012

What is Ikaho Onsen [Hot Spring]

The stone-steps town located at the center of a town is a face of a hot-springs resort.
It is called "Ishidangai" to Japanese people.
The guest at a hot spring facility who wears wooden clogs and a yukata in "Ishidangai", and enjoys a walk is often seen.

Hot water is the blackish brown called "Koganenoyu"[The word which means golden hot water], and is loved by many people as blessed with a child.

In recent years, "Shiroganenoyu" [The word which means silvery snow hot water] excavated by drain of the fountainhead.
It drops in and "Koganenoyu" is used for a hot water institution often which only the institution of stone-steps town slippage and a local person use.
"Shiroganenoyu" draws hot spring water from the source to the institution established newly and the institution under the hill which separated the romantic highway in many cases.

Some institutions which can enjoy Koganenoyu, Shiroganenoyu, and both of hot springs also exist.

It is supposed that it is the brown hot spring steamed filled dumplings[Onsenmanju] of a thin layer generally known well the origin which was steamed in Ikaho Hot Spring.

Moreover, the strong stickiness of "Mizusawa Udon"[Mizusawa Japanese noodles] of the feature is famous as this place gourmet.

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