9 Apr 2012

Basic data of Ikaho

Basic data, such as spring quality of Ikaho Hot Spring, and effect.

  • Hot Spring name:
  • Address:
    Ikaho,Ikahomachi,Shibukawa City,Gumma Prefecture,Japan    
  • Access:
    It goes to JR Joetsu Line Shibukawa Station.
    When the bus for [Ikaho Hot Spring] of the Kanetsu traffic is taken from there and it gets down in about 25 minutes at a terminal point, it is immediately in a side.
  • Operating period:
    Every year    
  • Reference:
    Ikaho tourist agency / 0279-72-3151   
  • official site:
    Ikaho Hot Spring hotel cooperative official site
  • Spring quality:
    sulfate spring etc.    
  • Effect:
    Neuralgia, muscular pain, an arthritic pain, recovery from fatigue, oversensitivity to cold, arteriosclerosis, a frozen shoulder, a chronic digestive organ disease, a cut, a burn, a bruise, hemorrhoids, a chronic skin disease, women's diseases, etc.     
  • Temperature of hot water:
    About 42 ℃   
  • Quantity of hot water:
    5000 liters/minute   
  • The institution of a hot spring which can drop in (an open-air bath is also included):
    Four places

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